Dexter Business Services

Small Business Consulting | Keeping up with Technology


Today if your business is not on the web, you are missing out on a huge segment of the marketplace. Today most consumers start their purchasing research online, and even more recently that research is done on a mobile device. It is important to have a modern website capable of meeting these consumer demands. If you don’t your competitors will!

Business Automation

There are hundreds of new technologies hitting the marketplace every day. Keeping up with them and understanding where they fit in could be a full time job. That is where we come in, we keep up with these changes. We will help find ways to use technology to automate sections of your business to save valuable man hours and costs.

Data Management

Today’s business’ collect massive amounts of data. This data is not only difficult to manage, but it is extremely useful if managed correctly. We help companies take advantage of data they already have to market to their best resource, their existing customers. It is also essential that this data is protected, we can also consult in secure ways for storing this data.